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Monday, August 22, 2005


i know u must be laughing at this. Firstly i was jittery, but i never knew that he was much much more than me. Surprisingly, he declined..O my God, it was awesome. But i never had thought that it would give me so much of grief. Good that i lost my cell, and with that all the altoo faltoo contacts also. But guess what, I had to start the series. You know what am i talking about. Right!!

I think he is meant for me. As in meant to give me grief.

How bad he is. Pathetic he is. I will also post the mail i sent to him.

Anyways makes me feel happy, that atleast there is someone in this world, who will surely die to make me happy. How much i love him. I think there shoud be categories of love. What do you say?? I know nothing. Actually i feel everything is basically nothing. I do not know, i really do not know. But i am happy. In the end everything worked out the way i wanted it to be. I am married, but mildly..(don't laugh)

Anyways, its all fine know. I only need to tackle that smiley now..

I am sure you understand what i think.

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